By J.W. Grey

A comedic dark fantasy novel about a young maid hired to work in an eerie mansion filled with hideous secrets.

Blackford Manor is a 57,000-word young-adult novel consisting of ten episodic chapters. The foolishly spooky stories follow our protagonist, a sixteen-year-old maid named Josette Grey, as she attempts to unravel the mysteries around Sir Montague Blackford and his family curse.
Now Blackford Manor is available to order.

When Josette got her first job as the maid of Blackford Manor, she dreamed it would lead to an exciting new life in a grand house serving lots of rich people.  Instead, she found it to be an ancient crumbling castle only inhabited by two eccentric servants: Mr. Boggs, a butler with face like Death himself, and Mrs. Cook, a cook one would barely recognize as human.  The mysterious young master of the house, Sir Montague, was nowhere to be found.
   Yet, the absent Sir Montague is Josette’s greatest reason to stay in Blackford Manor. She has fallen hopelessly in love with the beautiful master whose handsome face can be seen in the millions of portraits that cover every corner of the labyrinthine house…

J. W. Grey is a writer, illustrator, animator.

The idea for BLACKFORD MANOR started as a pilot (2014) for an animated series with Frederator Studios. The project didn’t make it to a series, but the six-minute pilot can be watched on Youtube.
In 2021, a kickstarter campaign to self-publish Blackford Manor was launched and successfully funded.
Blackford Manor is J.W. Grey’s first novel.

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